anything could happen

Anything Could Happen

Show a secret without telling anything about it. 

Typography is my passion which I use a lot in my graphic design world. Besides that I also have another great passion, music! One of my favourite artists is Ellie Goulding who is famous because of her Synthpop music. The song Anything Could Happen was one of her first records.

The title of the song says enough but it made me think twice because you could interpreted it differently. In first instance you would assume it is about a positive vibe. But it could also have a dark side.

The series shows three kind of aspects. First the positive aspect by showing a pineapple, because pineapples are great, delicious and never a bad idea.
Secondly the opposite is a negative aspect by showing a grenade. It is a war sign, sign of dead. No happy feelings at all.
Third and last one is the dreamcatcher which shows you that your dreams can come true because Anything Could Happen when you believe in yourself!

Each design has the same colors: red, green, orange, green, blue, black and white. These are colors you can use for any occasion. On the other hand the main difference is the font type because all of them have another type. The font selection shows immediately what it is about, even when you would not see an image behind it.

I made a posters serie just because I like posters madly, it gives you a clear vision of a message you would like to tell. The posters are in real life A3 each. I did not made them by using the computer because we had to stand out of our comfort zone.

Lessons called Creativity at SintLucas gave us the opportunity to think without setting any boundaries and using things you really like in life. This task was one of them.