In 2016 I made the descision to redesign my own corporate identity by starting with a new logo and business card. Simple but very clear, because less is more. 

I did not deviated much of the colors I used in my previous business card and logo design. The colour red and blue are my favorite colors so that is why I did not want to change them.

The logo was build in Adobe Illustrator, I love typography that is why I made it again by using typography. If you take a closer look at the logo you will see that it is a N because of my first name Nina. But you can also see a V which stands for my last name Verwegen. The N/V is always red. In contrast with my previous logo the new one is easier to use because it does not have a circle behind it. A lot of social media changes constantly like Facebook with the circled or squared profile picture.

When I finished the logo I directly started designing a new business card. The previous one did not include all my (right) information so I was about time. After a lot of research I picked another font, this one is better to read than the previous font family. I have a lot of information on the backside of the business card so you can contact me in many ways.

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