Create a logo for the young female future house named DJ N-QUE.

A fellow intern asked me during my internship at Grenswerk if I would like to create a logo for her starting music career. She saw my skills rising during the internship and she was impressed. Of course I said yes because I really love music related design tasks.
Since a year or so she started deejaying as DJ N-QUE. She frequently plays different styles like House music, Electric House music and Moombahton but mostly Future House music. You can find her at all kind of parties in the south of Holland (in Venlo area).

The logo was build out of typography. By using this font the figurative mark does not look too masculine but also not too feminine. The colors black and white are something that belongs in this music scene. It is a very simple design but that makes it a fixed and timeless logo. Less is more!

Specifications DJ N-QUE artwork

Make sure the logo is not too masculine, but it has to fit with the genre. The colors must be black and/or white. It would be nice if the DJ name is spelled in capital letters. 

Beside this logo I also created her social media channels which you can like on Facebook, follow at Instagram and listen to on SoundCloud.
Please send her a message via Facebook if you are interested booking the Future House DJ N-QUE for your party or event. See you on the dancefloor!