final major project

THINK! Campaign

Final Major Project: conceptualize, design and deliver a campaign that will educate and encourage men to drive more safely. 

To prove my skills at SintLucas I had to achieve the final major project. We were able to pick one assignment out of a few different kind of tasks. Not only the companies were varies also the content was alternating.
For example: design a new packaging for chocolate bars or create a full campaign to make people aware of the hazards while driving using drugs or alcohol. I picked the last one because I do not prefer to design a packaging.

Young male drivers are more likely to be involved in car crashes than any other
demographic. Every year, the THINK! campaign focuses on addressing the audiences and issues which account for the bulk of casualties. THINK! has a long track record of changing people’s attitudes towards dangerous driving.
Priority messages for drivers this year aim to highlight the dangers of:
• Drink driving: a second drink can double your chances of a fatal collision
• Drug driving: the roadside swab identifies drug drivers on the spot

The concept I created is all about hashtags (#) to reach the target audience in a modern way. It is easy to find these hashtags on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Catchy phrases let people think twice about the effects of being on drugs and/or alcohol. The final campaign contains five poster designs, a fictional Facebook page and a fictional Instagram feed.

Specifications final major project

Make sure the logo and website link are visible on every kind of design. It is forbidden to use regular photos from Google. Make your own photos or use (paid) stock photos.

If you would like to know more about the campaign you definitely should visit to read about the stories.