Poppodium Grenswerk | Part I

At the end of August 2016 I started my internship at Poppodium Grenswerk located in Venlo, the Netherlands. This is a small music venue in the south of Holland which opened in 2014 so it is still kind of a new venue. Music is my passion, I really would like to work in this business. This internship was a nice opportunity to learn more about this environment. I got to know a lot about the design aspect but also about the production preparing for all kind of events.

I had a couple tasks which I had to do (almost) every week. For example the of course most important thing: the artwork like posters/flyers and social media content for the upcoming events. Besides that I also cared for the narrowcasting to be up to date in the whole building including our cafe. Our narrowcasting screens are in other building too like the museums and other cafes.
Talking about cafes, our Grenswerk cafe was an important aspect of my journey. I did nearly all the artwork for it and I had to keep that up to date by myself. Including the menu card, narrowcasting, Facebook (images) and program flyer. They gave me a lot of responsibility through my whole experience.

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More info about Grenswerk

At our website you can find out the whole schedule for the next few months.
Click and like Poppodium Grenswerk to stay up to date of the upcoming events.
For a nice dinner of just a drink before your visit at Grenswerk, you should definitely go to our cafe! For our opening hours check the Facebook page of Eetcafé Grenswerk.
Check out our Instagram by following: @grenswerk to see what happens at our venue before, during and after the shows.