I supported my trainee supervisor in making all kinds of advertisment materials of Schrobbelèr. A few examples are posters, (Facebook) ads, labels, contests, (roll up) banners, buttons, tiles, coupons, animated videos, picture frames, newsletters etc.

All these things I have made at the company were in a specific Schrobbelèr corporate identity. By working in this style I got to know really fast how to work with this identity in a professional way.
I was in contact with outstanding companies a lot of times because Schrobbelèr works together with a lot of different companies and events. Schrobbelèr is prominently present at events during the whole year.

Finally I learned a lot about a company who seemed very huge but is actually a rather small organisation. Futhermore I got to know a whole new culture. I worked together with several people to make something small very big.
They gave me a lot of space to develop my creative working process.