In the first or second year of SintLucas I did the polygon technique for an assignment to do with a film festival. I already created Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson into polygon art for my concept about music documentaries at that film festival.

After two years I did not experiment the technique so I decided to take a look at it again. This time I created a watermelon instead of a human being. That was just a random and easy choice. I think the out coming is great though.

Because of the fact that I did not used the technique for a very long time I had to search on YouTube again how to manufacture this. I found a quicker way by using the ”Lowpoly” technique. The difference between polygon and lowpoly are steps you take before coloring the faces. If you use the polygon way you will be more detailed, this is important when you trying to create human beings. On the other hand you have the lowpoly mechanism which is very quick without going into the details. By creating a watermelon it would not be important to have too many details because it is easier to recognize than for example someones face.

If you have enough time to figure out the detailed way you should really try the polygon style. In case you do not have much time but triggered and want to try it I would recommend you to use lowpoly way. It is both beautiful if you keep trying! Pick something or someone you really like because that motivates you to keep going on with it.