Create a new corporate identity for a freelancer working in the eduction sector focused on care. The design must be including a logo, business card and website. 

In a collaboration with my father we created a corporate identity for his new small business. It is an upcoming freelance-based company. We worked together very closely. He described what he wanted and how he wanted it to happen. I designed the ideas on my computer. Teamwork is much more fun than working on your own, and you also learn a lot from it. Walter gave me good feedback on the design and I gave him feedback on his ideas.
The sign of the firm is a paumelle which is also known as a split hinge what stands for the three aspects. Walter figured out the following aspects:
1st aspect: Education Adviser
2nd aspect: Teacher GGZ History
3rd aspect: Coach & Intervisor

After a lot of brainstorming and making sketches I started designing the emblem of the split hinge. It had to be a sign into a circle, so I created a circle around it. When I had the logo I directly started creating the business card as well. I made a few variations with colors and at the end Walter picked the design he preferred mostly.

Specifications corporate identity

Make sure the logo is a split hinge into a circle. The specific text and basic information will be provided by the freelancer. Use varies colors to show the different aspects. 

The website is still under construction.. But as soon as possible will be aired.