The Stinse tulip needs a brand new package design with a new logo and instruction manual.

Let’s start with the package design. I wanted it to be different than just a regular box so I used paper bags. You can buy these bags in a local store. When you buy them, they seem very boring so I made some artwork on it. I like quotes pretty much. On Google you can find so many quotes, I had to pick out the best which I panted handmade on the bags. The quotes give a positive inspiration for you, or your friend, husband, mother or anyone else. The paper bag has a cut out part at the back because this way the tulips inside are clearly visible. You can see the result below!

OK, the logo is an important part of this packaging. Of course the logo would contain a Stinse tulip. I have researched this specific tulip so much to have a good impression. I want to give the customer a warm welcome so the colors are orange fading into red. Green is always a good option if you are design something to do with plants…
If you take a closer look at te picture bellow you can see that on the right package design the logo is pasted as a sticker. The cut out part on the back plus the sticker makes a tulip. This sticker is easily to open and close the packaging.

To complete the packaging I also designed an instruction manual and price tag. Next to the tulips you can find the instruction manual on the inside of the bag. The price tag includes more specific information about the tulips themselves.

SintLucas provided us the full body text of the instruction manual, price and full name of the tulip to use as information. We did not received a picture of the tulips at all.

This was my final project for the third year at SintLucas.