Typografie Groningen


Visualize a typographical map of a specific area in the Netherlands.

Groningen it is! Currently in North of Holland there is a lot of protest against the gas fracking.

Every city of the provice Groningen is on the map visualized in a typographic way. The printed version of this design includes damage created by cutting out pieces and made it wrinkled. This is out of protest against the gas fracking, like the ground in real life.

I picked a specific eroded font to show the damage immediately. The colors are inspired by the flag of the province Groningen. On the other hand are the colors great to pick green as landscape and blue for the water. The red color is perfect to use as a contrast. You cannot see the rest of the Netherlands on the map but this makes it more clear that Groningen will drive apart form the rest of the country when this will continue…

The typography map was one of the assignments I did for my career at SintLucas. I was the only candidate who picked this area for the task. A friend of mine lives since a couple years over there in the North of Holland so he send me a lot of information by post. I have been a couple times in Groningen so I knew which area I had chosen.

Gas fracking Groningen

If you would like to know more about the gas fracking you definitely should visit www.nam.nl to read everything about it.